Team ICO’s The Last Guardian Pre-Order, Save 20%

The Last Guardian Cover Art

Team Ico‘s The Last Guardian is available for pre-order. After nearly 9 years in the making this highly anticipated game with an initial release date of 2011 for PlayStation 3 is slated to be released in 2016 for PlayStation 4.

The Last Guardian promises a beautiful world, an interesting and strangely cute animal hybrid companion and a unique gameplay experience.  Players must communicate with their companion to navigate obstacles and dangers as they travel together on their epic journey.

Gamers who’ve had The Last Guardian on Pre-Order since last year may want to cancel and pre-order with Amazon.

An offer that is always on for Amazon Prime Members is 20% OFF for all Pre-Order and New Release Games.

That makes The Last Guardian  almost $12.00 off through Amazon Prime.

There’s also tons of other reasons to get Amazon Prime for Gamers.

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