This week we feature some impressive Quake fan art.

With early access now available for the highly anticipated Quake Champions amazing fan art is popping up all over the internet. The fan favorites for character design (by artists) seem to be a tie between roller derby champion Slash and the cyberpunk design of Visor.  We’re excited to see what future fan art of the champions people come up with when the game fully launches!

Here’s a few of our favorite artistic representations of some characters from the Quake series.

Slash Quake Champions Fan Art by Art Saw
Quake Champions Sorlag by Satanoy
Quake Champions Anarki by betti357
Quake Ranger by Desolc
Quake Champions Visor Fan Art by ladynoob
Quake Champions Visor Fan Art by Pavel Belov
Quake Champions Nyx vs Ranger Fan Art by Maku Zoku
Quake Champions Scalebearer Fan art by Bradley Brown
Quake Champions Doom Guy Fan art by Juan Diego Leon
Quake Champions Doom Guy Fan art by Catalin Papa

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