Awesome Gaming Cosplay features gaming costumes from international professional and amateur cosplayers. We collect intricate and interesting photographs of some favorite gaming characters. This week we bring you some awesome costumes from the wildly popular Dark Souls  series .

Dark Souls characters include gruesome bad guys, elaborate armored knights and deities that could be right out of a fantasy novel.  The fans have brought us some Intricate and impressive cosplay from Dark Souls. 

Here are a few of the best cosplay renditions of characters from the Dark Souls series.

Cris Raziel – Gravelord Nito of Dark souls
Dustyyyyy – Firekeeper of Dark Souls 3
Baron Shirodin – Abyss Watcher of Dark Souls 3
Silver Ice Dragon – Black Knight of Dark Souls
MorganRabi (もるがん) – Emerald Herald of Dark Souls 2
Leo Necro (Arturo Olguin) Solaire Elite Knight Armor of Dark Souls
MorganRabi (もるがん) – Lucatiel of Mirrah of Dark Souls 2
tukasa – Dragon Slayer Ornstein of Dark Souls
Ultimatemarker (Michael Ha) – Knight Artorias of Dark Souls
Felidae Dark Sun Gwyndolin of Dark Souls

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