Phoenix Comic Fest 2018

Deadpools at PHXCF

Phoenix Comic Fest
was Memorial day weekend. As always the con was extremely hot.. Thanks to Arizona‘s Hellish summer heat. The convention entrance lines were insane, with proper bag checks and a new sectioned off con area. I thought things would be fine until the scare on Saturday. With the “fire alarm” incident on Saturday scheduling was pushed forward and thus the con was once again a mess. (Just as it was the year before when prop weapons were banned thanks to their lack of security.) I put fire alarm in quotations for the reason of: while I was at the convention, I was told it was a chemical leak alarm by convention center staff. The official story from Phoenix Comic Fest is that it was a fire alarm, but if you ask others who attended there are various tales between fire alarm and chemical leak.


The guests this year made Marvel fans rejoice with Guardians of The Galaxy cast members Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn present. Star Trek fans were pleased for the original Captain to make his return- William Shatner is always a fan favorite. Of course, I wish I had a chance to grab a photo op with Tim Curry but missed it before he sold out.


Amazing Bioshock Infinite cosplay
Skyrim meets Thor?!
Samurai Champloo cosplay
Dragon Ball Z cosplay Group
Optimus Prime of the Transformers
RoadHog cosplay from Overwatch

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