GameOn Expo 2018



GameOn Expo in Phoenix, Arizona is an awesome con for gamers (from tabletop to arcade to PC to console). It may be smaller in size but with a full arcade and vendors selling games any collector would want-GameOn Expo is definitely not a convention to stick your nose up at. From having more viral popular games on the big screen such as Fortnite,  classics like Mario Kart, and  gems like Sega’s classic Space Harrier all in the main hall! Plus did I mention the rows of Pinball machines?


Jurassic Park The Lost World pinball Machine

The guests were pretty great for a gaming convention in Phoenix. Master Chief, Steve Downes, himself made a presence as a guest at GameOn Expo. So did Greg Bryk (va in Far Cry), Troy Baker (Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, Silent Hill) , Jonny Cruz (va in Overwatch), and Brian Colin (the creator of RAMPAGE). There were other special guests walking about like Daniel Pesina, a martial artist and actor for Johnny Cage and the ninjas of Mortal Kombat. I also loved seeing the live performances by musical guests such as: Super MadNES Mega Ran, and MercuriusFM.

Sick shot I got of MercuriusFM’s performance featuring Columns!




And finally, last but not least.. Some of the cosplayers from GAMEON EXPO 2018!

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