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12-Minute Gameplay video of Bungie’s Destiny at E3 2013

Gameplay video Bungie Destiny E3 2013

In this 12 minute gameplay video you can see just how awesome looking the open world action FPS RPG Destiny will actually be. You can also hear some irritating and awkward team mate chatter as well a really cheesy tour. However, in Destiny Bungie, the original creators of the Halo series, shows you just how amazing Destiny looks in the full gameplay video from E3 2013. This … [ Read More... ]

Bungie announces Destiny gameplay to be shown at E3

Bungie announces Destiny gameplay E3 trailer

Very much expected but good news none the less. Destiny will be Bungie’s first title since it’s separation from Microsoft and the Halo series. It is an online FPS set in a persistant online world.

Watch The Law Of The Jungle Destiny trailer….

The official worldwide Destiny gameplay reveal will be on June 10th, 2013 during Sony’s PlayStation E3 Press Conference. Destiny is being developed by Bungie and published … [ Read More... ]

Bungie shows off Destiny character art & models

Bungie Destiny character art models

If you’re one of the many Bungie fans thats eager to learn and see more about their upcoming game, Destiny, then check this out. It shows you Bungie’s internal character sketches and concepts and how they’ve been rendered into Destiny. This was shown at GDC 2013. The coolest part about this video is how much Bungie is straying from what people know them for in Halo while … [ Read More... ]

How to become a Destiny Beta tester for Bungie

destiny beta tester bungie Bungie, the developer of Halo and Marathon, is looking for beta testers for their new IP, Destiny. An exciting possibility for many, especially the Bungie die-hard. For budding game designers, this can also be a way to gain experience in the industry. Destiny is a new FPS which will feature a persistent online world. It will be released for PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360. If … [ Read More... ]