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Metal Gear Rising: VR Missions DLC trailer

Metal Gear Rising- VR Missions DLC Raiden screen

The latest update in the world of Konami & Platinum Games‘ Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance comes in the form of the VR Missions DLC. VR Missions have been a part of the Metal Gear franchise since the first Metal Gear Solid on Playstation. This one continues the tradition with 30 new missions. It also let’s you play the VR Missions not only as the cybernetic star of … [ Read More... ]

EA Clarifies: Microtransactions for mobile games


In a recent statement from EA, they said that all games in the future will include microtransactions. Fan outrage began, criticizing EA for it’s business practices. EA responded to gamers via a statement to Polygon clarifying what they meant.

Electronic Arts chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said, “I made a statement in the conference along the lines of ‘We’ll have micro-transactions in our games’ and the community read [ Read More... ]

Cliff Bleszinski gives the smack down to cheapskates

Cliff Bleszinski blog dlc microtransactions

In a recent blog post, former Epic Games designer, Cliff Bleszinski, gave his thoughts and views on micro-transactions, DLC, and free to play business models. He makes several good points regarding consumers unrealistic expectations towards game pricing. He also explains the purpose of DLC and continuous income for a game once it’s released.

Here are some notable quotes.

On the cost of making a game and what the consumer … [ Read More... ]

BioWare tweeted Mass Effect 3 DLC Teaser

MassEffect3DLCTeaserMass Effect 3, an action RPG for Xbox 360, PC, Playstation 3, and WiiU, could have yet another DLC pack on the way. Back in December of 2012, Bioware had teased that the next single player expansion for Mass Effect 3 would be an “all hands on deck” one. Today, BioWare producers Mike Gamble and Casey Hudson tweeted two teaser pictures for Mass Effect 3[ Read More... ]