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G.rev’s Dreamcast Shmup Under Defeat remastered for PS3

If you’re a regular reader of BabysoftMurderhands.com then you know we love our shootemups here. Back in 2005, Japanese game developer G.rev released a shmup called Under Defeat in arcades and shortly after on the Sega Dreamcast. Since then it’s been remastered with HD graphics and a few extra features for Playstation 3 with the name Under Defeat HD Deluxe Edition! Although at first glance it appears to be … [ Read More... ]

Creator of Ikaruga’s New Game Kokuga Gameplay Video

Hiroshi Iuchi, creator of many shootem ups including Treasure’s Ikaruga and Radiant Silver Gun is creating a new shmup for Nintendo 3DS. This new game is called Kokuga and its being release by Japanese game studio G.rev, also well known for putting out shootemups.

Check out this new gameplay video of Kokuga below…

G.rev has also posted this video demonstrating the Kokuga OST by Manabu Namiki…… [ Read More... ]