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The Mastermind Behind Halo & COD Multiplayer: Max Hoberman of Certain Affinity Interview

At Quakecon we caught up with Max Hoberman, the President and Creative Director of Austin based game studio Certain Affinity.

Max Hoberman has been in the game industry for years, with his humble beginnings as a Mac gamer playing Bungie’s Marathon. He eventually went on to work with Bungie for about 10 years on various games including Halo and Oni. After that he made his own … [ Read More... ]

E3: Halo 4 Motherf**kers!

Okay so here’s the lowdown, Halo 4 is probably going to be the best Halo yet. With 343 Industries (or as I call them, Bizzaro Treyarch), the successful and useful in-house dev team that doesn’t seem to be shaming the flagship series they’ve been handed. The reason why I say this is because the new footage of Halo 4‘s campaign and the past footage of the multiplayer seem … [ Read More... ]