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Zombie Baseball

Ahh baseball… the all American sport. Balls… bats… hot dogs… buns… ok, that was weird. But seriously, on the NES there was a game called Baseball. It was developed in house by Nintendo in 1983 and released as a launch title when the NES came out in the US.

Check out some of the gameplay of the original here…

While looking for cool indie games, I stumbled across an … [ Read More... ]

Cheap Thrills: Perspective

Long time no post guys,

I’ve been busy lately and got a little distracted from the blog, but now I’m back and to kick things off I’ve got an indie game review. The game I’ve chosen is a cute puzzle platformer called Perspective. You play a dog, who’s trying to reach his, a little old lady. There’s actually a nice ending to it, so its worth playing through. … [ Read More... ]

A Super Mario Summary

Did you never get to beat Super Mario Bros?

Are you too busy now, as an adult, to beat it?

Well, Swedish game designer Johan Peitz has got just the thing for you…

He’s created a game called “A Super Mario Summary” which is an adaption of the original Super Mario Bro’s game from the NES. He’s converted it to a single screen puzzle platformer. Yes… … [ Read More... ]