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Don’t go to a “gaming college” if you want to make video games for a living

inside Capcom studio office
Inside Capcom studio office during production of RE6

That’s the latest sentiment from many professionals in the game industry. The conversation was sparked by John W. Ratcliff, Nvidia’s Senior Software Engineer, in his article “So your teenager tells you they want to ‘make video games for a living’..“. His argument is a strong one,  just because you like video games doesn’t mean you can make them. The … [ Read More... ]

Doom 4 development rebooted, Rage 2 cancelled: Id Software Mismanaged?

Doom 4 development rebooted Rage 2 cancelled Id Software Mismanaged

According to a report today Id Software, the studio that brought us Wolfenstein 3D, Doom & Quake, is apparently in turmoil. Between fired employees and rebooted development, there’s quite a bit of shake up. Sources which would rather remain anonymous and therefor unverified, explain that ZeniMax, the company that owns Bethesda and Id Software, has met with the Dallas, TX based developer many times … [ Read More... ]

Quakecon 2013 Announced

Quakecon 2013 c

id Software’s yearly event has finally been announced. Quakecon is one of the world’s largest LAN parties often called the “woodstock of gaming.” Fan’s of id Software and Bethesda are the focus here, although there are all types of games being played in the BYOC room. That’s Bring Your Own Computer. Besides that, id Software usually shows off something new and juicy for fans including panels with … [ Read More... ]

Carmack tweets Rage mod tools coming “Real Soon”

Id Software fans have always enjoyed a thorough modding community. The Doom & Quake series both have thousands of fan made mods and maps available online. Heck, fans even hacked Wolfenstein 3D and changed some of the sprites. So what about Rage? Rage was supposed to launch with mod tools, which would include a level editor and more of whats needed to let fans make their own content. It … [ Read More... ]