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Tucson Comic Con 2018 MINI GALLERY!

November 2nd – 4th, 2018, was Tucson Comic Con in Tucson, Arizona! Here’s a mini gallery of cosplayers from the event. I hope to attend this convention again next year, it was pretty awesome. The vendors hall was packed with amazing artists and cool products, wrestling, and guests (of course!).

Doctor Who 13th Doctor cosplay
Animal Crossing Reese and Cyrus cosplayers
Beautiful Bowsette cosplay
Look out its Gwenpool!
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Phoenix Comic Fest 2018

Deadpools at PHXCF

Phoenix Comic Fest
was Memorial day weekend. As always the con was extremely hot.. Thanks to Arizona‘s Hellish summer heat. The convention entrance lines were insane, with proper bag checks and a new sectioned off con area. I thought things would be fine until the scare on Saturday. With the “fire alarm” incident on Saturday scheduling was pushed forward and thus the con was once again … [ Read More... ]

MVC Origins: September Release dates announced for PSN & XBLA

Capcom is releasing a cool new compilation pack on PSN and XBLA called Marvel VS Capcom: Origins, this will contain Marvel Super Heroes and the original Marvel VS Capcom. The pack is being priced at 1200 Microsoft points on XBLA and $14.99 on PSN. The official release dates are September 25th for PSN and September 26th for XBLA.

So all of us fighter fans better get … [ Read More... ]