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Sony’s gathered a lot of 3rd party publisher support for the PS4 (big list)

PS4 Developers and Publishers

One of Sony’s biggest points in its Playstation 4 reveal was that they’re catering to developers. Sony has always been good at dealing with many publishers, often times locking in exclusive titles for the Playstation family.

Here is a list, published Sony, of publishers who are confirmed to be working on PS4 games.

Japanese Publishers:

  • ACQUIRE Corp.
  • Bethesda
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Playstation 4 Announced: PS4 Specs & Details (Comprehensive)

Playstation 4 Announced- PS4 Specs & Details (Comprehensive)

At the Playstation 2013 event, Sony revealed it’s much anticipated home console, the Playstation 4. Although they didn’t actually show the physical unit, they did reveal specific PS4 specs in addition to showing the Dual Shock 4 controller. Furthermore, Sony will also be releasing the Playstation 4 Eye, which is a much more advanced camera tracking system than current systems.

PS4 Console Specs

  • AMD “Jaguar” 8-core
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Playstation 4 Screenshots & more live text stream

Playstation 4 Announced updates

For those who cannot watch the Playstation Meeting 2013 live video or don’t want to focus on it. We’re live posting via Twitter. You can keep up with it on our Twitter page or via the stream below.


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Watch Sony’s Playstation Meeting 2013 Live Stream Here!

Watch Sony Playstation Meeting 2013

What do you think Sony will talk about at the Playstation Meeting 2013?

We predict:

  • Playstation 4 (Orbis) announcement
  • Playstation Vita Price Drop
  • New games (hopefully The Last Guardian)
  • Discussion of new PSN features

Let’s see how this plays out. Currently, the Playstation site is having some intermittent issues, giving the error Connection Reset. In server lingo, that means too many visitors are on the site. The … [ Read More... ]