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Sony Developer Says that The Last Guardian Is Still In Development

The Last Guardian. The 3rd game from Team Ico. Not much has been heard about this title for the last few months. After its lead designer, Fumito Ueda, quit the team and got hired back on as a 3rd party consultant by Sony its been pretty quiet. But during TGS 2012, a developer at Sony, who didn’t want his name mentioned, has told Kotaku that … [ Read More... ]

Sony: GamesCom gives a fighting chance?

It seems Sony, might be getting their act together and taking their work seriously.

The Playstation Vita which was so utterly betrayed at E3, was given a warm reception at Gamescom. They finally seized some opportunities that they’d ignored at E3 this year, and they’re coming up with more PSN exclusives which should help them beef up their support base, it would be nice to see more … [ Read More... ]

Has The Last Guadian been cancelled?

According to the president of Sony Worldwide, Shuhei Yoshida, “When we have confidence in saying that, we will talk about it. But today, we are working through some engineering effort.”

These are chilling words to hear about such an anticipated and desired game. The Last Guardian team has experienced quite a bit of shake up after last years mysterious falling out between Sony and Team Ico[ Read More... ]

E3 2012: Show Stopping Final Fantasy Tech Demo Agni’s Philosophy

This is a simple story to post, mostly because words cannot describe the level of quality and craftsmanship which has gone into Square Enix’sFinal Fantasy Tech Demo” Agni’s Philosophy. Simply put, Square Enix wants to show us their new graphics engine, Luminous Engine, and how it will create among the best looking games in the somewhat near future. Check out the real time test footage … [ Read More... ]