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G.rev’s Dreamcast Shmup Under Defeat remastered for PS3

If you’re a regular reader of BabysoftMurderhands.com then you know we love our shootemups here. Back in 2005, Japanese game developer G.rev released a shmup called Under Defeat in arcades and shortly after on the Sega Dreamcast. Since then it’s been remastered with HD graphics and a few extra features for Playstation 3 with the name Under Defeat HD Deluxe Edition! Although at first glance it appears to be … [ Read More... ]

Cover Art: Hellfire (Sega Genesis / Mega Drive)

We love shmups here at BSMH. Todays cover art is of an obscure side scrolling shooter called Hellfire. It was developed by Toaplan who made the infamous Zero Wing (“All your base are belong to us“). This cover is really typical for the shootemup genre, but cool nonetheless.

It was originally an arcade game; then later released on both the PC Engine and Sega Genesis [ Read More... ]