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Cliff Bleszinski gives the smack down to cheapskates

Cliff Bleszinski blog dlc microtransactions

In a recent blog post, former Epic Games designer, Cliff Bleszinski, gave his thoughts and views on micro-transactions, DLC, and free to play business models. He makes several good points regarding consumers unrealistic expectations towards game pricing. He also explains the purpose of DLC and continuous income for a game once it’s released.

Here are some notable quotes.

On the cost of making a game and what the consumer … [ Read More... ]

Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney looks forward to less marketing budgets and more development budgets

Epic Games Tim Sweeney

In an interview with Edge Online, Tim Sweeney the founder of Epic Games and creator of the Unreal engine, commented on the future of gaming graphics and business. He expressed enthusiasm regarding future console graphics and also predicted the fall of retail game sales followed by the dominant rise of online game sales. Tim Sweeney continued expressing that game development budgets should focus far less on marketing and more … [ Read More... ]

Baby Soft Murder Hands Podcast Episode 1: FPS

Welcome to Baby Soft Murder Hands’ first official Podcast!

We start off with a discussion about First Person Shooters. We cover classics like Doom and Golden Eye on to modern day favorites like Halo and Modern Warfare. Feel free to chime on some of your favorites in the comments section below!
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Also, later tonight we will be announcing a special contest to celebrate the … [ Read More... ]