RG’s very brief E3 Roundup: Rez 2, and another world from Another World creator

We’re very excited about this year’s E3. Why? Well we love games of course. This year’s E3 event officially kicked off yesterday evening (our time), so this morning I thought I’d give you a very brief rundown of a few announcements that you could tentatively argue fall within the bubble of retro. Be warned, I did say tentatively.   


Child Of Eden

From Sega Rally and Rez creator Tetsuya Mizaguchi comes Child Of Eden. Developed by Q Entertainment, the game makes use of Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral (formerly Natal), and Sony’s Move, and seems to look and play like a first-person (so the trailer would have you assume) version of Rez, with players waving their arms around the air like Tom Cruise in Minority Report to actuate all sorts of abstract gorgeousness and actions on screen. Your mission in the game is to stop a virus from attacking ‘Project Lumi’ – a mission to try to recreate a human personality inside of Eden. We’re not entirely sure what Eden actually is – that bit wasn’t explained. Could it be the very same Eden from Rez?   






Project Dust (working title)

This 2011 XBLA and Playstation Network game looks utterly gobsmacking. Project Dust has all the hallmarks of a Peter Molyneux game, except it’s actually by Eric Chahi of Another World fame. While the trailer gives very little away, it seems to be some kind of god-sim very much in the vein of Black & White and Populous, and finds players altering the gameworld’s landscape to save an ancient tribe from the elemental forces of the natural world.


And in other news, though some of this was announced/leaked prior to E3, Microsoft and Konami announced a new XBLA 2D side-scrolling HD Castlevania title, titled Castlevania: Harmony Of Despair, Reflection’s Driver series is getting a reboot and Lara Croft will be appearing in a downloadable co-op twin-stick shooter coming to XBLA and Playstation Network, titled Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light.


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