Batman vs Donkey Kong, and Old Spice

I met up with a friend that I rarely see over the weekend. He’s a graphic designer, lives in London, and is always emailing me interesting stuff he finds on the web.


The reason for us catching up was that it was our friend’s 30th birthday, and to celebrate he had this genius idea of going to a theme park on Saturday. Suffice to say, with every school in the country closed, it was a little like being at the world’s most screechy music festival. 


Queuing for the best part of 8 hours, we found ourselves standing around talking complete rubbish most of the time (which is what happens when you’ve been standing for so long gravity has sucked all the blood away from your brain), but some interesting discussion did come from our mostly nonsensical queue babble. The highlight of which was my designer mate masterfully killing almost a whole ten minutes by showing us a couple of cool things on his iPhone.


The first thing was some hilarious new retro-style Old Spice commercials, which are brilliant but have absolutely nuttin to do with retro games (but you can watch them here if you’re curious), and the second was a cool mock comic book cover, seen below, by artist deankotz over at deviantART, which depicts a cool comicbook/videogame crossover happening between DC’s Dark Knight and Nintendo’s famous ape. 


Being a big Batman and Donkey Kong fan, not only do I now have some snazzy new wallpaper for my desktop, but I also have an impressive pair of powerful armpit mountains thanks to those Old Spice ads causing me to switch deodorant. Cheers queuing!


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