The Games That Defined the Neo-Geo

Presented by Dylan, Daito_Kid, Beak and Racketboy

SNK’s Neo-Geo platform is a vintage marvel that many of us have never had the priveledge of owning in our homes.  For those of us that grew up in the early 90s, it was the console that only the really rich kids had (and I didn’t know any).   However, many of us have had the opportunity to experience the Neo-Geo arcade cabinets (MVS) … [ Read More... ]

Gyromite NES Import Adapter Guide

Presented by CRTGAMER, Ziggy587 & Ack

This article is based upon CRTGAMER’s guide on the Racketboy forums indicating how to identify copies of Gyromite for the NES which house an adapter to play Famicom games on the US NES.  Special thanks to CRTGAMER and Ziggy587.

Once in a while the inside of the Gyromite game cart has an NTSC-J Gyromite game PCB with a 60 pin Famicom to 72 pin … [ Read More... ]

Retro Gamer Vs. Blockbusters

In a brand new blog series we compete in a series of games based on popular television quiz shows from the Eighties. First up, Blockbusters. Let’s see how we did…

Round 1 I didn’t get off to the best of starts. Geography was one of my worst subjects at school, but I was confident I could guess the answer – after all, how many American states begin with the letter … [ Read More... ]