Retro Gamer Vs. Blockbusters

In a brand new blog series we compete in a series of games based on popular television quiz shows from the Eighties. First up, Blockbusters. Let’s see how we did…

Round 1 I didn’t get off to the best of starts. Geography was one of my worst subjects at school, but I was confident I could guess the answer – after all, how many American states begin with the letter V? After a quick think I came up with Vancouver and Virginia.  With time rapidly running out I decided to go with the former. Big mistake. No sooner have I hit return it instantly occurs to me that Vancouver is actually in Canada. I’m putting my idiocy down to the pressure of appearing on game shows. And being rubbish at Geography.


Round 2 Thankfully the next question I did know the answer to, and the battlefield was once again looking level.

Round 6 I was now cooking on gas, getting the last few questions correct. In the excitement of knowing the answer to this question though, I misspelled peasants. Thankfully virtual Bob Holness was generous enough to give me the point. Realisation then dawned on me that I had clearly forgotten the rules of how Blockbusters worked and was making a bit of a dog’s dinner in getting from one end of the board to the other.    

Round 9 The Spectrum had started to make a bit of a comeback, but all was not lost. Bob asked me a question about beer, one of my specialist subjects, and I returned confidently with the answer. Better than that though, my unusual long-winded method of winning control of the board was actually starting to pay off – the Speccy was getting bottlenecked.

Round 14 By round 14 this was now starting to become one epic round of Blockbusters. I’m down to the last question to win the round and I could almost hear Bob himself delivering the final question. I have this one in the bag; I type ‘jack’, not even concerning myself with capitalising the J, and confidently hit return.

The game is mine and the Spectrum is beaten. *

*Ignore the total score of 1-1 – the first round was simply a practice game to get fully acquainted with how the game works.

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