Shmups 101: A Beginner’s Guide to 2D Shooters

Beginner's Guide to 2D Shooters

Presented by BulletMagnet

Note from racketboy: Combining to popularity of our Genre 101 series (see Survival Horror 101Beatem-ups 101Platformers 101, and Fighters 101) and the expert shmup writing of BulletMagnet (see his guides to shmups for the PlaystationSaturn, and PS2) this guide is one of most epic posts ever.  I hope you enjoy the detail and loving care that went [ Read More... ]

The Rarest and Most Valuable Neo-Geo Games

Rare and Valuable Neo-Geo

SNK’s Neo-Geo platform started as both a solid arcade system and an upscale home console that only the most hardcore (or wealthy) owned. Over its lengthy lifespan it remained as a treasured system for old-school gamers. Unlike most video games, the Neo Geo hardware and software has held its value quite well over more than a decade’s time. Considering the high initial prices on the Neo-Geo software, it isn’t surprising … [ Read More... ]

Games that Defined the Neo Geo Pocket

Presented by Tyler, lisalove1, Czernobog, and Racketboy

There were many casualties to Nintendo’s dominance in the portable gaming market over the past couple of decades.  While it may not have been as commercially successful as the likes of the Sega Game Gear or the Playstation Portable, SNK’s Neo Geo Pocket handhelds still have quite a hardcore following in the retro game community. (If you aren’t familiar with the Neo [ Read More... ]