Racketboy Podcast #29 – Final Form Games


Final Form Games

Final Form games are the creators of the acclaimed 2011 PC shoot-em-up Jamestown, a rousing success on the Steam platform and one of the best indie games of the year.  For this episode of the podcast, I sat down in person with the three man team that runs the studio – Hal Larsson, Tim Ambrogi, and Mike Ambrogi  – to ask them about the ins and outs of game development, the complexities of designing a shmup engine, their experience working with Valve, and their upcoming plans for the studio.  Listen in to find out the connection between America’s Army and Jamestown, the studio’s thoughts on  the current gaming landscape, and where they got the idea for creating a shmup on colonial Mars.

A special thanks to JT from the forums for suggesting a few of the questions!


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Show Outline:

  • (Mistral Clear – Lords of Thunder)
  • Dave’s Intro
  • Conversation with Hal Larsson, Tim Ambrogi, and Mike Ambrogi of Final Form Games
  • Dave’s Outro
  • (Into the Dark Sector – Jamestown)

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