Resident Evil 4 Still Rules

It’s a ridiculous time in the office at the moment with people playing pretty much every big release that is coming out in the next few weeks. Anyway I was mentioning a few games currently sitting on my ‘to do’ list, which included Rage, FIFA 12, Resistance III and Dead Island, and explained that I was playing Resident Evil 4.

I was laughed out of the game room because no one could believe that I was playing a 6-year old game when there were already so many great games I could be playing.

The simple fact of the matter though is that I only have the words of my fellow journalists to go on, and as EVERY big AAA release at the moment is the best game ever since the game that came out the week before, it’s very hard to decide whether I should actually devote my precious time (and my time is precious) to games which, on the surface at least, don’t appear to be all that exciting.

I know that Resident Evil 4 is a stupidly excellent game, and while I think Capcom’s treatment and pricing structure for it is dire, there’s no denying that it remains fantastic fun to play. I can’t say the same about any of the other games I’ve mentioned above, so I’d rather not take the risk, and will wait for a lengthy weekend or holiday to experience them properly.

I know games are great at the moment, but I just don’t belive that EVERY AAA is worth the 9+ scores they all consistantly seem to get on Metacritic. It would be the equivalent of every summer blockbuster getting 5/5, which just doesn’t happen (not consistently anyway).

I know of Resident Evil 4′s legacy, because I’ve already played it, and I’ll happily play through it again. The others? Well maybe I’ll simply wait and see if people are still harping on about them in another 6 years time…

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