Sonic Generations Is Nearly Here

I’m getting rather excited because Sonic Generations will be out on Friday. Stuart’s already played the game for review purposes (and really enjoyed it) but for myself, aside from some previews, I will be going in cold.

What I like most about Sonic Generations is that it has a gimmick that appears to actually work. Most of the 3D Sonic games have suffered from gimmicks that add little to the core expereince. Interestingly, Sonic Colours was different though and for me personally, marked a big difference in past Sonic games, although it should be noted that Sonic on the Wii at least has always been a safe bet.

So the gimmick for Sonic Generations is that you now have 2 Sonics to control, Modern and Classic, with levels to match. It’s interesting, because it not only walks a clever tightrope between keeping the old guard and the new Sonic fans happy, but it also works as a celebration of the series in general, with Sonic racing through classic levels from past games in the series.

Sonic Generations is out this Friday. I’m looking forward to spending some more time with Sega’s blue mascot.

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