Today I’ll be telling you all about a nice retro-inspired game I found, Magic Steel.


Platform: Flash

Idea: 3:5
An oldskool Action Platformer, using classic design, and a simple level up system. You have 5 basic parts to level up: Magic Attack, Mana, Shield, Fire Rate, & Jump Booster.

Graphics: 3.5:5
Enemy design consists of standard anime mechs, done up as classic 16-bit sprites

SoundDesign: 4:5
Chiptune PowerRock reminicent of the Sega Genisis. This is complimented by the simple but nicely chosen chiptune SFXs.

Controls: 5:5
Tight, Responsive, and simple controls.
Key layout can be customized, but the default setting also work very well.

Fun: 5:5
challenging fast pace and interesting gameplay. Very fun, not too easy, but a bit short.

ReplayValue: 0:5
None Really… and again its kinda short. The boss battle was pretty easy too, which was kind of disappointing.

All in All: 3.5
I say play it and beat it, it was worth the time. Also, if you don’t like keyboards for gaming, I recommend getting a joystick to keyboard mapping software.

The Last Demi-Wolf

P.S. For those who may be interested, here is the URL:

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