Games I Like: Gameboy Advance

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The GBA is one of my favorite handheld systems of all time, and indeed one of my favorites even including home systems. So here are a few of my favorite games for it…


Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Did you love Symphony of the Night? Well this was basically the same game with a new story and some differences in how the special abilities worked. It utilized a soul system instead of relics, weapon pick ups, and spells. Basically, this accomplished the same thing, it did have more abilities however, things like the ability to use the weapons and attacks of monsters in the game. The gameplay is fresh and tight. Its as addictive as its big brother, and that is no small feat. Putting it into the GBA attachment for the gamecube really put it into perspective when even with the GBA graphics I was glued to it like a junkie, playing it more than all of my console games at the time. All in all this is a must have for the GBA.

Final Fantasy 1&2: Dawn of Souls

Okay so you love Final Fantasy, well this is like the PS1/Wonderswan releases, however its actually a bit easier and utilizes a standard mp system instead of the d20 inspired spell system of the original Final Fantasy.  However, this version exclusively had special elemental dungeons just for grinding and dungeon crawling. Definitely a good GBA grab.

MegaMan Zero:

Why in god’s good and merciful name has Capcom not gotten off their asses and remade this series with fresh graphics on PS3 and XBLA? You wasted my time with these new friggin’ Megaman 8bit games, meanwhile you have a series that could’ve easily saved the Megaman franchise, without resting on its laurels. Further more, I’d love a full sequel to this amazing game. This is perhaps the best of the Megaman games, using a multi-weapon and even a lvl up system and also an elemental attacks system in this game just made it feel so amazing. The gameplay really is just too amazing. If you are in any way shape or form a gamer, BUY THIS!



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