Rants: Forgot the PS Vita… WTF?


So they forget to show the PS Vita at E3, but they had time for Wonderbook….. Am I the only who thinks some heads should be rolling here? Then the other issue being that the Vita’s early line up does look a little weak, but I guess that is expected of a Sony system. Other issues the Vita will face in my not so humble opinion are its identity crisis (social networking sites, YouTube, movies, games, Skype, etc.), and the simple fact that idiots like those who were the two main hosts on the official E3 presentation of a certain channel, are merely perpetuating a fear that all handhelds are dead and hold no purpose. Well the reality is that the dedicated gaming handheld is still great, but it’s for REAL gamers, and for people after high performance graphics and real gameplay on a control scheme that doesn’t suck balls. Saying that an iPhone can replace the Vita and 3DS is just bullsh!t, they’re feeding death to an industry for sensationalism. Scaring everyone that a system won’t make it causes people not to buy it, so that they avoid buying a useless box with no games that will be discontinued as a failed system. In reality, its got a dedicated purpose, gaming, however, Sony would be able to drop the price of the system and even make it a better gaming system by dedicating all their resources for it to gaming (Starting to get the theme about GAMING yet?). I don’t care about Facebook and Twitter on my game console, I have a smartphone that could do that. The PS Vita shouldn’t be the ultimate handheld device, thats stupid and too many devices are better at it. However, no one can touch those graphics, and dual analog sticks and a full controller means amazing gameplay, and the amazing graphics on it means cutting edge games. iPhone can’t handle Rage and MW3, it won’t be able to handle Black Ops 2, or Forza/Gran Turismo quality racing, it can’t do an arcade quality Tekken…. Guess what can? The PS VITA! But then they waste our time with casual games, SONY guess what? The android and iPhone have casual games covered, I’m not saying don’t have casual games on Vita, but then they should be cheap PSN downloads, not E3 showcase games. I mean if they have any brains at all they’ll put Angry Birds on it as a PSN game, I hate Angry Birds, but I do understand that sometimes even some hard-cores play Angry Birds and the like… But it’s not your focus. So, if Sony wakes the F*ck Up and realizes that they are making a handheld Playstation, not a “Mobile Device” or “the next Walkman“, and people stopped listening to idiots who know nothing about potential, hence why they have the job of a news anchor. Which is just a moron who asks actual journalists to tell them about things that their infinitesimal minds could never comprehend… I mean really what qualifies you to be a news anchor on what has basically become the new MTV8 (or whatever number would be up, I have a measurable IQ so I don’t watch MTV)? I think it’s that you can’t have an IQ over 30. Anyway, my point is, PS Vita is an amazing machine, with amazing potential, and Sony needs to get serious and quit f*cking it up. Here’s hoping for Sony to take off their Facebook sh!t, and to get their game face on…




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