Zombie Baseball

Ahh baseball… the all American sport. Balls… bats… hot dogs… buns… ok, that was weird. But seriously, on the NES there was a game called Baseball. It was developed in house by Nintendo in 1983 and released as a launch title when the NES came out in the US.

Check out some of the gameplay of the original here…

While looking for cool indie games, I stumbled across an updated version of the NES classic… Zombie Baseball. Thats right folks. Now you can finally kill some zombies while enjoying a national past time. In this version of Baseball, you cue the pitcher and hit the baseballs while aiming them towards on coming zombies. You lose if the zombies get to either you or the pitcher. The game was created by UK based indie game developer “Built By Man” although it sadly seems he’s been inactive. It was created using the game engine Stencyl.

Play the game now!

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