Play-Lists: 5 Innovations That Changed Games (Vol.1)

Okay, so here are some things that have forever changed the face of gaming, they aren’t in an order per say, but I think they all deserve mention.

1. Voice acting:

Yeah we remember Chrono Trigger… It was great. My favorite RPG of all time even. I even improved my reading skills from it. But now, imagine playing Skyrim…. and having to read everything. Yeah, that sounds like something I wouldn’t be up for. Although, its double edged sword, because there is such a thing as terrible voice acting too.


2. Active Side-Scrolling in Platformers:

I’ve played more than my share of old school 2d platformers, and I have to admit, Super Mario Bros. really is one of the most impressive. Not really because of anything except for its fluid scrolling. It took away the clunkyness or the trapped feeling of platformers passed. I mean don’t get me wrong some games kept using that screen transition from time to time to build effect, like Mega Man. But the matter stands that games would not be where they are without active side-scrolling.

3. Mouse Look:

Yeah, modern fps would not exist without this feature. Quake was one of the most perfect examples, it could be played without mouse look, and it’d be alright. But once you go Mouse Look, you don’t go back. It was just such a brilliant idea, a kind of obvious idea, but not one that was easy to realize. So here’s to recognizing Mouse Look and all its done for saving the world from demons.

4. BGM:

This is as easy to demonstrate as telling someone to play Outrun for the first time, with the music disabled, and then with the music on. It just improved the whole experience of gaming, and brought a new level of interactivity to our favorite pass time.


5. Network Based Multiplayer:

One of the coolest things about modern gaming, is that your opponent can be anywhere in the world. This was one of the core and rather amazing features of Doom. Without Network Multiplayer, gaming would never  have become quite as amazing as it is. So cheers to Network Based Multiplayer.


I hope you all enjoyed the list, and feel free to mention some of the other things you feel changed gaming in the comments.

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