YouTube Talent: Castlevania – A Clockwork Vampire

A very nice piano rendition of some Castlevania classics.

Notes from the video description:

[Videogame Music]
Title:A Clockwork Vampire
Origin:Castlevania 1&3 / Dhsu OC Remix
Composer:Kinuyo Yamashita, H. Maezawa, Jun Funahashi, & Yukie Morimoto
Piano Arr:David Hsu (Dhsu)
Dedicated to:David Hsu (Dhsu)

Alex:BladeMaster-What an appropriate night for a Castlevania song (word play on Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest).

Kashino:KureziShinobi-Remixed by David Hsu, this song has been changed into a classical masterpiece. It’s the clock tower stage from Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse with a piece of Vampire Killer in it from Castlevania 1. I remember practicing this song long and hard (a year), but never did make a video. I made one now, but haven’t practiced it as much as I had once did. I hope Dhsu does not feel insulted by my playing. Learning from ear was rediculously difficult…You can find the original remix at ocremix’s website. Thanks for making such an awesome rendition of my favorite Castlevania song David.

e-M@il: (Kurezi performances with little or no training at all!).

Have you made an awesome video game cover on youtube?

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