Grand Theft Auto IV Iron Man Mod

GTA4 Mod Iron Man Script MKIII

There are many PC mods for Grand Theft Auto IV… But how many let you play as Marvel Comics’ Iron Man? I mean think about it, finally Iron Man can steal a car and/or beat up a pimp, right? Who wouldn’t want to see Iron Man doing that. H1Vltg3 has created an amazing Iron Man mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV called Iron Man Script MKIII. This mod isn’t just a re-skin but in fact a whole work on the game… This GTA4 mod also has a script which gives you the ability to use Iron Man’s famous hand repulsor beam. You can even fly, and yes, it has its own sound effects and flight animation. Congratulations H1Vltg3, you gave fans yet another reason to play GTA IV, even though this Rockstar gem originally came out back in 2008.

In this video here you can see just how much of an amazing mod this is…

Download the Iron Man Script MKIII for GTA4

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