Sony releases Playstation 4 teaser?

Playstation 4 Official Teaser Sony

The PS4 is something gamers have been anxiously awaiting news on. Today, Sony posted a video on their Youtube channel teasing a new Playstation announcement coming February 20th, 2o13. No specific product names were mentioned other than Playstation.

Watch the official Playstation teaser below…

Could it be the Playstation 4? One can hope. So far, the PS4 has gone under various names thanks to rumors and anonymous tips including Playstation Omni and Playstation Orbis. The Playstation brand is so strong though, we predict Sony will keep the Playstation 4 name. If the PS4 is announced in February this could mean many long awaited Playstation 3 games may in fact be so far delayed in order to upgrade them for the Playstation 4. Sony is telling fans to interact with the hash tag #Playstation2013.

Sony’s Playstation website gives a bit more detail saying that it’s a Playstation Meeting and will happen at 6pm EST on February 20th, 2013. A few days later begins Playstation Destination in Arizona.

Playstation Meeting 2013 Site

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