Top 5 Game Developers To Watch in 2013

Happy New Year! This is our list of Top 5 Game Developers To Watch in 2013! These game developers make some of our favorite games and we’re excited to see what they will be showing off this year. 2012 was a great year, so lets get 2013 kicked off!

1 Kojima Productions
Why? Metal Gear. Yep. It’s one of the biggest gaming franchises of all time. With a fancy new engine (FOX Engine) and 2 new Metal Gear Solid games, we’re excited to see what insanity Hideo Kojima and his lab come up with next. Metal Gear Solid was notable for being the first 3D stealth espionage game. MGS2 set the gaming world on fire with astounding production values (you could shoot the cups!) and gameplay. MGS3 & 4 carried the torch in the next generations. What will Metal Gear Solid 5 & Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes bring us? If the trailers are any indication, then it will be the best looking MGS ever coupled with some very intense story telling.

Kojima Productions

2 id Software
Why? 2012 gave us 2 expansion packs from id Software. One in the form of Doom 3 BFG Edition and the other in the form Rage’s The Scorchers DLCDoom 3‘s new episode gave us a taste of the classic Doom level design. Aggressive scenarios focused on violent gunplay rather than survival horror. The Scorchers DLC gave more of id’s famous FPS gameplay but with the production values of a modern AAA game developer. And that’s exactly what id Software is. We’re excited to see what id Software will have to show at this years E3 and/or QuakeCon (Doom IV anyone?).

id Software

3 Square Enix
Why? The Luminous Engine showed us what Square Enix can do with real time graphics. But we already knew that potential existed. The Final Fantasy franchise is in the shadow of its legacy, 2013 would be a good year for a Final Fantasy comeback. With Final Fantasy VII still unmatched in sales to any other in the series, can Square Enix reignite the Final Fantasy magic? Or perhaps an exciting new IP from the RPG masters would be in order, especially if you consider the success of their one off titles like Chrono Trigger. While we’re all for a Final Fantasy VII HD remake, it may not be the most appropriate move at this time. We’re looking forward to see what Square Enix has in the oven.

Square Enix

4 Nintendo
Why? Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong & Star Fox. Simply characters in the next Mario Kart & Mario Golf or once great franchises? With the Wii U officially out and a less than stellar game library (although not terrible) 2013 is Nintendo’s chance to make the Wii U stick before the next gen of consoles catch up. While we expect to see a slew of casual audience targeted games for the Wii U, what we really want is a new critical work from Nintendo. Maybe a new Metroid, something with the production values and sheer depth as Super Metroid. Definitely a new Zelda. Link, finally in HD on his home territory. Don’t let us down Nintendo.


5 SCE Japan Studio
Why? Sony may not have the same classical gaming history as Nintendo or Sega, but they do have some massive titles under their belt. Their game development branch, SCE Japan Studio in conjunction with other Sony related studios, has brought forward some of the most memorable and artistic Playstation games. Some of these include Shadow of the Colossus, PataponTokyo JungleDemon’s Souls & Ape Escape. With it’s upcoming games, Rain and The Puppeteer, 2013 could give gamers 2 more reasons to keep playing on their PS3‘s. And oh yeah… The Last Guardian.

SCE Japan Studio

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