Sweet Looking Action RPG DELVER’S DROP

When I first saw the screenshots of Delver’s Drop, it instantly reminded me of Zelda: A Link To The Past… but on steroids. Upon a more thorough examination, it looks to be a very promising action RPG that will have its own groove.

Delver’s Drop is being created by Missouri based developer Pixelscopic, which is a few guys working together to make a fresh new game. So far, it looks pretty good. While I haven’t personally been able to play it, the impressions I’ve read of the game from PAX look pretty good. Pixelscopic says it’s only gotten better since then. There are a few things I like about this game. First of all, it looks gorgeous. Delver’s Drop manages to look retro without totally copping out and doing pixel art (not that we don’t love us some pixels), instead the art is all HD and vibrantly colored. Visually, it hearkens back to Zelda III on the SNES; but hey, it’s a top down game with cute, mystical warriors trapped in a dungeon, so we’ll cut them some slack. The other thing I really like about this project is that the game will be fully moddable by gamers. That means we should be able to make new levels and character appearances hopefully. I think mods are the bee’s knees. There are multiple character classes and lot’s of physics based gameplay. Pixelscopic is developing the game for Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android and they plan to release it at the end of 2013.

If you think Delver’s Drop looks cool then you can help them finish the game by contributing to their Kickstarter. They’re asking a fairly low amount, which will allow them to work on the game full time and ship it by the end of the year.

Delver’s Drop Official Site

Pixelscopic Official Site

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