How to let people know you’re cosplaying as Otacon (MGS) & not a pharmacist

Otacon Otakon cosplay Metal Gear Solid MGS nerd lol
If you’ve ever been to a con there have always been Snakes slithering around. Solid Snake, from the Metal Gear series,  is a popular character to cosplay, however Otacon is not. I believe this for the fact that you can’t really tell if the cosplay is Otacon, a pharmacist, a doctor, or just some hipster douchebag wearing a lab coat. This MGS Otacon cosplayer had a funny … [ Read More... ]

New Killer Is Dead trailer: Girls, Gigolo Glasses, Butts & Walking on the Moon

A new Killer Is Dead trailer just hit the net and this one gives us more questions and more… butts. The video shows Mondo with a woman, getting hired for a new hit. It also shows more gigolo gameplay, more sword action and Mondo running on the moon. It seems like Suda 51 and his team are working to make this one hell of a surprising game.

Killer Is Dead [ Read More... ]

Respawn’s game *rumored* to be Xbox/Durango exclusive, no single player & require internet

Respawn new game Titan

As they’re famous for, Kotaku has run a new article of sourceless speculation which suggests that Respawn Entertainment’s (founded by the creators of the Call of Duty series) first game will be Xbox 360 and Durango exclusive. Were this true, it would give Microsoft a big pull for military FPS fans in the upcoming console war. The upcoming Respawn FPS will feature heavily armed foot soldiers fighting with … [ Read More... ]

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon PC System Requirements & Max Graphics

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon PC System Requirements screenshot 1

After what seemed like a hoax, Ubisoft officially announced Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It’s a futuristic FPS based on the Far Cry 3 engine (Dunia Engine 2) and will offer a completely new gameplay experience more akin to 90s action games and 80s action movies. “Your mission: get the girl, kill the baddies, and save the world.” The graphics in Far Cry 3: Blood [ Read More... ]