Screenshots & Trailer for new Shadow Warrior


Screenshot Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior is a 1997 classic FPS, in fact its actually quite original in the weapon designs, even though its highly based on Duke Nukem 3D. Both Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior were developed by 3D Realms and published by GT Interactive, too.

Now, Shadow Warrior is back as a ‘shiny’ new game coming out Fall of this year. This time it is being developed by Polish … [ Read More... ]

Official Multiplayer Gameplay for WATCH DOGS

Watch Dogs Official Multiplayer Gameplay

Here is the new WATCH DOGS multiplayer gameplay video. Here you can see the player track down another hacker by hacking into a camera, and you can also see what it would be like to hack someone in the multiplayer mode. In the WATCH DOGS multiplayer gameplay video you get a glimpse of the driving, too. Including how nicely rendered the vehicles as well as the npcs walking about, very … [ Read More... ]

Watch the Outlast trailer, the first game to be released using Unreal Engine 4

Outlast Unreal Engine 4 screenshot

If you’re itching to see the latest and greatest in game engine technology, then you’ll be happy to check out Outlast. It’s a new game that’s been developed by Red Barrels Games where you play as a journalist in a really creepy situation.

Check out the official Outlast trailer below…

The above video was rendered in real time, so consider that your first look at Epic’s Unreal Engine 4[ Read More... ]