DOOM Co-Creators Announce Kickstarter for new FPS “Blackroom” + Concept Art

Blackroom Logo

As teased last week, DOOM Co-Creators John Romero and Adrian Carmack have returned, together after a 20-year hiatus, to create a brand new hardcore FPS called Blackroom. The game is being developed by Nightwork Games, a division of Romero Games, the studio founded by Brenda and John Romero in Ireland. Romero and the team are funding the game with Kickstarter, relying on the passion of their fans to fund and push the game development forward.

The Kickstarter video features John Romero who explains that Blackroom has been in development for about 6 months. They tested the waters for skill based level design with the Doom map he recently released. Thanks to the success of that level in conjunction with the passionate communities that still surround past Romero and Carmack games such as Doom and Quake, they have decided to return to the AAA market with a brand new, hardcore first person shooter. Blackroom will focus on skill based gameplay “with rocket jumping, strafe jumping and circle strafing.” Romero also stated that he will be designing all of the levels himself while Adrian Carmack is the art director. The page features painted concept art by Adrian Carmack, depicting a variety of virtual worlds and the lead character holding a rifle. Additionally, the game will also include multiplayer modes and full mod support. For the techies out there, Blackroom is being developed with Unreal Engine 4 for PC and Mac.

The story of Blackroom is a tech-gone-wrong sci-fi story about a haywire virtual reality hologram system called “Blackroom“. Something has gone wrong with the system which makes the hauntingly realistic virtual worlds come to life. Due to this loose story, the game will feature levels based on these virtual reality worlds, which are basically endless in their variety. Levels will include castles, western towns, and more.

Watch the Kickstarter video here:

Here is a neat list of features in Blackroom:

  • Platform – WIN/Mac (DRM Free + Steam)
  • Release Date – Winter 2018
  • Genre – FPS
  • Single-Player Campaign – 10 Hours, Leaderboard Challenge Modes
  • Multiplayer – Co-op, 1-on-1 Deathmatch, Arena
  • Multiplayer Maps – 6 Built In + Community Maps
  • Fully Moddable, Run Dedicated Servers, Create Maps
  • New Soundtrack by acclaimed metal guitarist George Lynch

Blackroom concept art by Adrian Carmack:

Blackroom adrian carmack concept art 1 Blackroom adrian carmack concept art 2 Blackroom adrian carmack concept art 3 Blackroom adrian carmack concept art 4

All of this sounds very promising, but will only be possible if the players agree. The Kickstarter goal is 700K, which will allow development to begin in earnest and help them gain additional partners to make this game. There are a variety of rewards depending on how much you back the game, which include signed posters, aiding in the development of the game, a party, and more.

Check out the Blackroom Kickstarter page here.

Nightwork Games Website

Learn more about the story of Blackroom on the fictional company site, Hoxar.


Nerd Corner:

So, you remember Daikatana eh? While some consider the game to be good. Others remember it’s unusual marketing campaign. Most remember it taking forever. So what are they doing at the Romero camp to sooth the naysayers?

Well, looking through the Kickstarter campaign they note 3 important elements. First, the game will have a full time producer who will make sure everything stays on track. This is important, because while Romero is a world class game designer and director, it could be said that he stretches himself too thin when he also takes on a producer roll.

Second, in the FAQ section, Romero hits the nail on the head with this exchange:

Q: Are you going to make us your bitch again?
A: How about we just make you all a game.

Finally, since Blackroom is being made on the proven Unreal Engine, there should be no engine related snafu’s to cause development hell. I think this shows a man who recognizes mistakes were made and is ready to make more great games.


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