Animal Crossing is one of the cutest virtual mayor simulators out there! With over 300 adorable animal villagers, 25 special characters and the ability to customize your own character,  Animal Crossing fans have a lot of material to work with when it comes to fan art.

Nintendo has recently been hinting at new Animal Crossing news via twitter , so we thought we’d share some awesome Animal Crossing fan art.

Here’s a few of our favorite artistic representations of characters from the Animal Crossing series.

Isabelle and Lottie Inspirational Fan Art by KatDensetsu
“A Good Day” Ankha Animal Crossing Fan art by Ellis Clark
Animal Crossing Fan art by cutecrossiri on Tumblr
Villager Animal Crossing Fan Art by Nick Savino
Blathers and Celeste Animal Crossing fan art by furvanoctua
Punchy Animal Crossing fan rt by monachro
Rover Animal Crossing Fan art by alex-of-the-valley
Tom Nook, Redd,Timmy & Tommy Animal Crossing Fan art by hellox2-ac
Animal Crossing Sailor Moon Crossover fan art by daggychu

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