Inktober 2017 Video Game Highlights

Seeing all of those amazingly talented artists participating in Inktober really made me want to share and shoutout some of these awesome artworks. Inktober is a yearly event where artists pull out their inking pens (and brushes) and set out to fill an entire month’s worth of challenge day by day. I searched through DeviantArt and found a few of my favorites from last month.


Inktober 2017- Day 7
by InkHyaena
Inktober 2017 #4: Akumajo Wily/Wilyvania by KaitlinEXE

Inktober Day 6 [Bonus] by TecoArt


Inktober 2017 – Day-07 – Mimikyu by SpiderSaiyan
Morrigan Aensland – Captivate
by SketchMeNot-Art
Inktober #22 : Trail – The Chase of Pac-Man
by FTFTheAdvanceToonist


Make sure to check out these artists’ profiles! Links and Credit under every image.

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