Detective Pikachu is Great


With the history of video game movies sucking.. You might not expect a Pokemon movie to be much better, right? That’s where I’d say you’re wrong! Unlike Sega’s horrific Sonic that was revealed in the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie trailer, Nintendo did so much better.


artwork by RJ Palmer, concept artist Detective Pikachu

Nintendo hired a professional (and fan)artist, R J Palmer, to make concept art for Detective Pikachu. R J Palmer not only creates beautiful realistic illustrations of prehistoric creatures and shares them on his Instagram (Rjpalmerartist), he also works for Ubisoft! I don’t think they could have hired a better person for the job. I mean look at his Feraligatr above!

Of course, Nintendo also nailed the casting. I mean Ryan Reynolds (known for Deadpool) playing a caffeine addicted Pikachu? Absolutely amazing. Let’s not even talk about the “leaked” footage of the movie Ryan Reynolds tweeted which made the wait for Detective Pikachu great as well.

The story of Detective Pikachu stayed pretty straight forward to the game of the same title unlike most video game movies. The scenes were cute from Psyduck interacting with a TALKING Pikachu to how awkward the main protagonist was. Even with the light-hearted bits to Detective Pikachu it even could make grown adults cry (and I don’t just mean from Pokemon becoming real on the big screen.)

I give Detective Pikachu 9 coffees out of 10. Now if only Pokemon were real.. I want to partner up!

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