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Official site updates and changes.

Long Beach Comic Con 2016 Gaming Pre-Report

Located by the beach, just South-West of Los Angeles, Long Beach is home to the Long Beach Comic Con. LBCC is a gathering of thousands of comic book and pop culture fans, which of course includes video games. Whether you want to meet some of the talented voice actors or check out some indie games, there’s plenty to see here.

The confirmed video game voice talent includes Troy Baker[ Read More... ]

Coming Soon: New focus & New exclusive stories

bsmh update has existed for about 3 years now. From it’s humble beginnings as a retro gaming news aggregator it eventually evolved into the core gamer news and editorial site it is now. However, while our coverage has been fairly detailed and accurate, we feel it’s impossible for an operation our size to keep up with other gaming news sites which have more than 1 editor/writer and 2 part time writers. … [ Read More... ]

Quake Con 2012: BSMH Posts Coming Soon

Hey everyone,


With Quake Con wrapping up, we’ve gotten a lot of coverage over the last few days, and we’ll be putting up posts on all of it over the next week. So look forward to some really great interviews, reports, hands-ons, and exclusives, from the Bawlsiest duo to ever cover Quake Con.


Jackson Muderhands, UAC CEO

[ Read More... ]