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Hori releasing new & improved Wireless Arcade Stick

With the fighting game renaissance of the past few years, arcade sticks have made a comeback. Mad Catz revamped it’s product line introducing high end arcade sticks, a territory previously dominated by Japanese controller maker, Hori.

Hori is back now with a wireless arcade stick. It uses Bluetooth and provides about 40 hours of gameplay via it’s rechargeable battery. You can also plug it in to recharge the stick … [ Read More... ]

Quakecon: Hands On With John Carmack and Palmer Luckey’s Future Machine

The Rift. A new frontier. A virtual reality head mounted display controller.

We were lucky enough to try out Oculus‘  Rift at this years Quakecon. On display were 2 demonstrations, one was called the “flying demo” which was basically Id Software’s Rage with flying and noclip turned on (allowing for free movement). The other demo was of Doom 3 BFG Edition, which of course displayed the … [ Read More... ]