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Kojima announces patch for Zone of the Enders HD Collection & puts ZOE sequel “on hold”

Zone of the Enders sequel cancelled HD PS3 patch

Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders creator Hideo Kojima sounded off during a recent radio show discussing the future of the ZOE series. Kojima expressed his dissatisfaction with the ports of the PS2 classics in Zone of the Enders HD Collection (done by High Voltage Software). Particularly, he felt the drops in frames per second and choppiness in action scenes was unfair to fans. Consequently, he … [ Read More... ]

The Conduit HD comes to Tegra hardware


High Voltage Software has announced that they are bringing The Conduit HD, a port of the Wii Sci-fi FPS The Conduit, to Tegra touchscreen devices this spring. While really over promising and under delivering upon its initial release in 2009, The Conduit did deliver a fun and unique experience to Wii owners who were heavily starved of a decent first person shooter at the time. HVS later followed … [ Read More... ]