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Shaq to reveal Shaq Fu 2: A Legend Reborn at The Game Awards

shaq fu 2 a legend reborn

Retired NBA super star Shaquille O’Neal teased that he will be revealing more about his upcoming video game Shaq Fu 2: A Legend Reborn at Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards. This comes  21 years after the first Shaq Fu game, which received heavy criticism over the years.

In a video posted in March 2014, Shaq reveals the team behind the Shaq Fu 2 with talent who’ve worked on titles … [ Read More... ]

Scumbag fans jeopardize Skullgirls crowdfunding because their vote didn’t win

As reported previously, Skullgirls developers crowd-funded their game (via IndieGoGo) to continue working on it after losing their publisher and changing their company name due to financial reasons. Things went REALLY well for them exceeding all their stretch goals (over $800k). Skullgirls will now get 5 new characters, new music, stages, and more all for free. The new characters are being decided based on popular vote. Many fans … [ Read More... ]

King Voxel: Inspired by Zelda with the soul of Minecraft

King Voxel Inspired Zelda Minecraft screenshot 2

Minecraft has taken the world by storm with it’s retro looking, 3D voxel graphics. New projects using voxels are turning up quite often, continuing the trend of retro-like graphics. Every now and then an awesome looking game comes around, such as King Voxel. King Voxel is a an action RPG heavily influenced by Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series and Atari 2600’s Adventure. It’s ambitions are simple… that is … [ Read More... ]

The Skullgirls Team Needs Your Help

Skullgirls indiegogo dlc character 2

Fighting game fans should be familiar with Skullgirls by now. It’s the American made 2D arcade fighter that gives Street Fighter and King of Fighters a run for their money. Some of you may have heard that the company that made Skullgirls (Reverge Labs) was closed after losing financial support from their publisher. Later they got back together under a different company name, Lab Zero Games, … [ Read More... ]