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Cover Art: Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (Game Boy Advance)

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror is the last Kirby for Game Boy Advance and one of the longest Kirby games made. It was released in 2004 and developed by Flagship, Dimps and HAL Laboratory. It’s gameplay is RPG like allowing your character to improve over time. It’s also got larger levels in the fashion of Castlevania and Metroid, with sub bosses and bosses.

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror Nintendo Game Boy Advance Box Cover Art

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Fan Art: Ukiyo-e Heroes

Check out the stunning art series by Jed Henry called Ukiyo-e Heroes. It features classic video games reimagined as classic japanese paintings. Each illustration is interesting and a great original take on the games we all love.

Check out this gallery below.





Street Fighter



Mario Kart


The Legend of Zelda




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