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Inktober 2017 Video Game Highlights

Seeing all of those amazingly talented artists participating in Inktober really made me want to share and shoutout some of these awesome artworks. Inktober is a yearly event where artists pull out their inking pens (and brushes) and set out to fill an entire month’s worth of challenge day by day. I searched through DeviantArt and found a few of my favorites from last month.


Inktober 2017- Day 7
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Check out these cool Darkstalkers Resurrection T-Shirts

Gamers love their t-shirts; and us old schoolers REALLY love our t-shirts. Especially for classic 2D fighters like Darkstalkers. Capcom is delivering the goods through their official online store.

Check out Jon Talbain, Demitri Maximoff and the infamous Morrigan Aensland in these cool looking graphic tees.

Check out these cool Darkstalkers Resurrection T-Shirts

For those unaware, Darkstalkers Resurrection is coming out March 12, 2013 for Playstation 3 (via PSN) and March 13, 2013 for … [ Read More... ]