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Looking back at Team ICO’s history explains why The Last Guardian is taking so long

the last guardian team ico history

For many, one of the most anticipated Playstation 3 titles (and one of the reasons some bought a PS3 in the first place) has been the upcoming Team ICO game, The Last Guardian. Originally codenamed “Trico”, fans panicked fans and media hype have led some to believe that it was cancelled, where as others have waited patiently. We took a look at Team ICO’s track history as … [ Read More... ]

Kojima announces patch for Zone of the Enders HD Collection & puts ZOE sequel “on hold”

Zone of the Enders sequel cancelled HD PS3 patch

Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders creator Hideo Kojima sounded off during a recent radio show discussing the future of the ZOE series. Kojima expressed his dissatisfaction with the ports of the PS2 classics in Zone of the Enders HD Collection (done by High Voltage Software). Particularly, he felt the drops in frames per second and choppiness in action scenes was unfair to fans. Consequently, he … [ Read More... ]

Capcom vs. SNK 2 joins PS2 Classics on PSN

Capcom vs SNK 2 PS3 CSV2

One of my favorite fighting games of all time is coming to Playstation 3 via the PS2 classics series on PSN. Capcom Vs SNK 2 takes 44 fighters between the 2 companies and pits them in ratio based combat. Many favorites from the Street Fighter and King of Fighters series are included. Capcom Vs SNK 2 is considered one of the best fighting games of all times and is … [ Read More... ]

Sony gets you pumped for the PS4 by reminding you they make Playstations

Playstation logo

Sony has released 2 videos on the official Playstation website that tell the history of the Playstation consoles. These videos were put out to promote the Playstation Meeting 2013, where Sony is expected to reveal their highly anticipated Playstation 4 (codenamed Orbis). The first video introduces the first Playstation, telling you about some of it’s games and what made it special at the time. The second video … [ Read More... ]