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DOOM Co-Creators Announce Kickstarter for new FPS “Blackroom” + Concept Art

Blackroom Logo

As teased last week, DOOM Co-Creators John Romero and Adrian Carmack have returned, together after a 20-year hiatus, to create a brand new hardcore FPS called Blackroom. The game is being developed by Nightwork Games, a division of Romero Games, the studio founded by Brenda and John Romero in Ireland. Romero and the team are funding the game with Kickstarter, relying on the passion of … [ Read More... ]

CYBER MONDAY GAMING DEALS: NVIDIA SHIELD + Remote Bundle, DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows & Xbox 360

Gaming Deals

Cyber Monday is here! We’ve been posting Gaming Deals all week. Gaming Deals is a special section of the website where you can find out about hot video game deals online.  Black Friday has gone and Cyber Monday here! Here are some great deals for one of the best sale seasons this year.

Until Dec 1st, SAVE 10% OFF on PlayStation Digital Codes. Use coupon code L1L2R1R2 at checkout.[ Read More... ]

Put the controller down: Use your mind for gaming

Throw Trucks With Your Mind

That’s what programmer Lat Ware is making a reality. He’s developing a new game called Throw Trucks With Your Mind. It uses a special EEG headset which allows you to throw objects in the game, using only your mind. This concept is not entirely new as there are other games that use an EEG headset to allow you to play little games; typically simple games like tug of war … [ Read More... ]

Retrospective: Quake in the Eyes of a Girl Who’s Never Played an FPS

This was written by a girl in her mid 20’s who’s gaming experience includes watching her cousins play on the Sega Genesis, casual play of Grand Theft Auto on PS2 and playing Candy Crush Saga on her iPod Touch. We set her up with id Software’s iconic FPS, Quake, on her laptop and had her give it a go. Here’s what she thought…

I’m not a gamer. I’ve never really … [ Read More... ]