Racketboy Podcast #23 – The Smithsonian’s “The Art of Video Games” Curator Chris Melissinos


Chris Melissinos, Curator of The Smithsonian’s  “The Art of Video Games” Exhibit

Chris Melissinos is a long time gamer, an innovator in the games industry, and a public voice about the importance of games in contemporary culture.  He is also the curator of the upcoming “The Art of Video Games” exhibit at The Smithsonian American Art Museum.  In this episode, Chris talks about some hopes for the exhibit, explains how … [ Read More... ]

Interview: The SegaGaGa Translation Project

For those of you that are old-school Sega Junkies (especially fans of the Dreamcast), you may have heard of Sega’s simulation adventure that puts you in control of the (at the time) beloved hardware and software maker.   Segagaga was filled with lots of fanboy humor and put you on a mission to beat Sega’s competitor, “DOGMA” (which is a parody of the PS2-era Sony).  Sounds like a Dreamcast fanboy’s dream … [ Read More... ]