New NES fanzine on the way

One of our forum members is working on a brand new fanzine for the NES. Known as NES-Bit Magazine System, it’s a tribute to both the classic Nintendo mags of old, but also a natural evolution of the NES-Bit website. The brainchild of forum member Lorfarius, NES-Bit is going to be available in both PDF format and as a magazine and will be available at this year’s Replay event. There … [ Read More... ]

Nintendo iQue Player: A Beginner’s Guide

iQue 101

Presented by Ack

Let’s face it, there’s not a lot that Nintendo does that fans don’t notice.  When a new game is discussed, mentioned, or even hinted at, the fans are there.  When Nintendo holds a conference, fans set their schedules to make sure they won’t miss a word.  And when Nintendo so much as theorizes on a new business move, the fans are there to speculate and envision the … [ Read More... ]

Together Retro Game Club: Splatterhouse

Together Retro: Splatterhouse

 Presented by Flake

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Welcome to Together Retropiece Theatre. For this month’s installment we look to a classic tale of love in the speculative dramatic feature “Splatterhouse”, a treatise on the lengths an academic beleaguered by paranormal antagonistic forces will go to in order to reunite with his lady fair. It is a classic story of love, and loss, and … [ Read More... ]